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June 2020

alpaca for sale alpaca for sale alpaca for sale alpaca for sale



Tree Frog Farm's Heart Breaker

Huacaya, Female, Unproven | Light Fawn, Medium Fawn

AOA# 35459231   D.O.B. 10/8/2018 (2 yrs)

MAFI Black Expresso's Abner 
| AOA# 31454025  | BG 

Abenaki Ahaa 

Abenaki Ahaa

Huacaya, Open (Female), Proven, Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Full Peruvian
ARI# 31375238 | DOB: 5/30/2009
Eve's full sister Ahaa has settled in as the resident "misfit" brown female when it comes to a farm that has become predominantly white and black animals, and she accepts this with great responsibility. With her brown fleece and her upright ears and curious eyes, she knows she's all femininity and charm, except when it comes to food, and then, get out of her way. She has a presence about her that demands you look at her, a fantastic conformation all around, and a lead-female attitude that lets ...
| AOA# 31375238  | Dark Fawn, Light Brown, Medium Brown 

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Heartbreaker is our first 'home grown' cria, & she's taught us a lot, as has her mom, Ahaa, who was never sucked down for milk, always ultra-attentive to her cria, & just taught us that waiting, yeah, waiting really did suck, but look at that nose...those eyes...and isn't it going to freeze tonight? How do we get a coat on that thing? Hmm...greased pig...yeah...it came close enough in description.

This little fading/dorsal fawn has grown into a curious little bouncer, who pronks without a reason, & enjoys everything around her, with a ton of curiosity as well as a nose that sneaks up on you from behind and she's off running when you look over your shoulder to see who's sniffing you

As the temperature was near freezing when she was born, we did not shear/tip her cria fleece (her tips were brittle in a few areas due to this) but despite that, her cria Yokum micron was 19.1, 2.5% of her fibers greater than 30%.

Seven months after her first shearing in April 2019, Heartbreaker had an incredible staple length of 3.5 inches as of the VAOBA show in November 2019, and though she could use a touch of density, she's a shaggy thing with a lot of length. The walking fleece judge at VAOBA, Wade Gease, commented "once you open her up there's so much length and more to come" and her cria fleece stumped Judy Kreske, who looked at it with three other fleece experts, and after the fleece judging closed, came to look at the entirely different animal seven months later from her cria fleece (the cria fleece colors are, from spine down, caramel, wet sand, and beige-butter). Judy's comment was "that's not an alpaca, it's a chameleon".

Heartbreaker is "settling in" as a dorsal/fading fawn with a stunning buttery-cream color that defies a real color, shimmering in the sunlight when it catches it (the fleece room at VAOBA was still somewhat uncertain what exact color to call her cria fleece, though they all thought it was stunning, but a bit tippy due to we didn't shear that first day she was born due to freezing temperatures when she was born)

At nearly two years, she now looks to be a twin to her aunt, Maranatha's Eve, and she still has her stunning curiosity and her calm nature, which we hope she'll pass onto her progeny. Her fiber still has that fantastic length and softness, though she could use a touch of density

Heartbreaker was confirmed not pregnant in April 2021 & will be re-bred this fall for a 2022 cria

As of April 18, Heartbreaker has a micron of 21.0 for 2019-2020 (done on a private micron machine)



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