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Health Requirements and Barn Info

The address of the venue for your CVI is:

Fredericksburg Expo and Conference Center
2371 Carl D. Silver Parkway, Fredericksburg, VA 22401
Phone(540) 548-5555 event center
Requirements for ALL alpacas:
All CVI papers will be examined at check in. and a copy collected. Please bring a photocopy of the CVI with you to give to the Show Superintendent who will keep it as part of the permanent show records.

In accordance with AOA Show Rules, all alpacas entering the venue for the VAOBA ALPACA EXPO must carry a working microchip.  Each alpaca’s ARI Name and Microchip ID# must appear on the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) with location of the chip noted. We will have a universal microchip reader at the show but if you are worried about it reading your microchip, please bring your own as well.

A Certificate of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) which is dated within 30 days of the last day of the show (after October 22, 2020) for ALL alpacas, regardless of age, completed and signed by a licensed Veterinarian.

Alpacas must have a negative PCR for Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVD). There is no time frame for this test, since one test is sufficient for the life of the alpaca. BVD test results are to be reported on the CVIs as ‘negative’ or ‘virus not detected'. The date of the test, methodology (PCR) and the initials of the lab that performed the test must be listed on the CVI.

Alpacas from outside Virginia:
In addition to the above, the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection completed and signed by a licensed Veterinarian from the state of origin must state that all listed animals are free of infectious and contagious diseases (the statement is pre-printed on the CVI).

All sexually intact Alpacas, originating from a region NOT considered free of brucellosis for cattle by the USDA, shall be brucellosis-test negative no more than sixty (60) days prior to the date of entry into Virginia, and this must be indicated on the CVI, OR the alpaca must be accompanied by a negative laboratory test report (a copy of the original lab report is acceptable).

Alpacas originating from a region NOT considered free of tuberculosis for cattle by the USD  shall be tuberculin-test negative no more than sixty (60) days prior to the date of entry into Virginia, and this must be indicated on the CVI, or the alpaca must be accompanied by a negative laboratory test report (a copy of the original lab report is acceptable). 

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your alpaca is coming an ‘Accredited Free’ state or zone, no test is required. Check with your local vet to determine if your farm is located in an ‘Accredited Free’ state or zone.


Stall Information

Stall dimensions will be 8’x10’, the majority, 9’x9’, or 10’x10’, depending upon location.  The minimum size will be 80 sq. ft.  The owner may determine the number of alpacas that can be housed together, taking into account animal size, stress factors, etc., but there will be a limit of 3 alpacas per stall, strictly enforced.  Exhibitors who take more than one adjoining stall will be allowed to remove the dividing panel to make a larger space.  Exhibitors may not bring their own panels.  We will have high school students from the Future Farmers of America available to assist you in setting up and tearing down.

Stall assignments are strictly first come, first served upon paid entry except that priority stalling will be given to Platinum and Gold sponsors.

Alpacas may not be housed in any trailer or vehicle in the parking lot of the facility.

Pen panels will be erected prior to Friday afternoon, and sufficient Airlite cardboard chips provided to cover taped plastic sheeting on the floor.  Each stall holder must provide stall mats or appropriate carpet to cover the stall floor.  Straw may not be used in the stalls.  If an owner wishes to put the cardboard chips on top of the mats – which we do not recommend – we will accommodate an advance request and leave the chips in their bags for disbursement by the stall holder.  Please specify such arrangements at the time of registration.  By itself, the plastic is a very slippery footing for alpaca.  The cardboard chips are included in the stall price.

Stall holders may use such signage or stall display as they wish, including pen sale information.  No display may extend beyond for the stall area.  Aisles must not be blocked.  Fire codes are very strict.  A small table per farm outside a stall is permitted.  You may purchase an additional stall or stalls for display or tack purposes.  You may display fleece, provide candy, dispense information or promotional materials.  You may not sell product in the stalling area.  All farm stores or other product sales must occur strictly in the vendor areas set aside for that purpose. No exceptions.  Sustaining Platinum Circle Sponsors will be given one extra display or tack stall for free.

Exhibitors should anticipate significant spectator occupancy and movement in the stall aisles and should allow time to move animals to the show rings.

Stall holders must bring their own electrical extension cords and splitters to run from the provided electrical drops to their fans.  All farms will have at least one electrical drop included in the price of the stall.  The stalls are $TBD each, all inclusive (with chips and electrical drops, set up and tear down), with a 10% discount given to VAOBA members.  

Stall holders should bring their own water buckets and hay bags.  All alpaca waste is to be discarded inside the facility in containers set out for that purpose.  Water will be available in several locations around the venue.  Please do not dump water anywhere on the exhibition floor and only in designated areas with a drain.

We will have 4 veterinarians from Virginia Tech rotating at the event.  If you have a problem with an animal, please come to the Superintendent desk, and we will locate one for you.  Any special expenses are between you and the vet.

This information may be updated prior to the show, so exhibitors should check this website from time to time prior to arrival.