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2020 Vendor Opportunities

Updates in progress!

  Our new venue offers a spectacular opportunity for our traditional vendors and newcomers looking for commercial possibilities available only with significant foot traffic! We are expecting huge weekend crowds at the holiday end of the year. VAOBA  welcomes all vendors, those strictly retail and others organized for wholesale possibilities, especially those who support the alpaca industry and provide services or products alpaca-related. We will have alpaca exhibitors from everywhere and many spectators who are eager to learn more about alpaca. And everybody can be expected to be open to a little holiday shopping!

We take our vendors and their needs very seriously - our vendor manager this year is Judy Howe, wildwoodpacas@yahoo.com; 540-604-4914.We will find the optimum location for you relative to your space needs and the public flow!

You must register NLT November 1st. You can do so on the show registration site at www.alpacashowreg.com. We prefer that you register on the show registration site, but if you are unable to, you may use the form below.


 Set up / Tear down. Set up is Friday, November 20th, beginning as early as you need. Tear down is when the show officially ends on Sunday, November 22. There should be no tear down activity while the show is in progress and the public remains at the venue.

Pricing. $200 per 10x10 space. Tables for rent $10.00 each; chairs $5.00 each. Pricing includes electric. A business card ad in our beautiful show program is $25 (lower price than for others) Ads due to Judy Howe October 12 TBD

Special Arrangements. Some vendors may wish to do more and sponsor a particular class, championship, event, or part of the shows. Visit the stalling page on the registration for sponsorship opportunities! Corporate sponsorships include first space, half page color ad and more! Great way to gain more recognition.

No Live Animals. No live animals – including but not limited to guardian livestock dogs, llamas, donkeys, cute rabbits, etc. - are allowed in the Exhibition Hall. You may bring pictures and literature advertising same but no actual animals.

Space. Vendors will appear at various spots in the Hall, always with the logical flow of the public in mind. Within reason, we are determined to work with all vendors to ensure welcome placement. 

Taxes and Insurance. Vendors are responsible for their own insurance and for collecting and paying State and local taxes as required by law. The show will purchase a business license to cover vendors for the weekend but you will need to fill out the tax form that we give you for retail sales.

Additional Promotion. All vendors will be recognized in the show catalog and business card ads if selected on your registration.  Your business name and link to your website will be displayed on the show website immediately.